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DDT Sympathy (Hollywood Records 1998)

   One of the infamous newcomers and turning the tide for US third wave of Ska-Punk movements back in the nineties even then, banished or disbanded later but The Suicide Machine from Detroit, Michigan might be a quartet that can felt their rooted Ska-Core punkish sounds for the last of the loss genre since the trends for commercial music moving forwards and changes again; Jason Navarro (vocals), Ryan Vandenberghe (drums), Dan Lukacinsky (guitars, vocals) and Rich Tschirhart (bass) already releasing one of their great albums of the entire career rocking with Battle Hymns – as the contributing for Ska sounds really thicker but the rest would be mostly, Punk Rock and Hardcore with less angst but plenty melodic and fast beats commanding the listeners for not just lazing around and do nothing without hope – we all needs to put the energy on for something useful rather than just waiting to die by depression.
The tracks listed here would be your anthems of positivism, skateboarding extreme and more slam-dancing to gain power of changing the surroundings by thinking forward too. The problems and the issues of modern days had their story written to tell by Black & White World, Hating Hate, Give, In The End, Face Another Day, Speak No Evil and many more songs  that you would love to use for doing reproductive ideas made into dreams come true or at least, struggling hard like champions !

Battle Hymns: