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Dabari (Transgressive 2017)

   Central heart du Mali-an's  Alternative African Blues Indie Rock and Desert Punk ensemble of Aliou Toure (vocals/guitar), Garba Toure (guitar/vocals), Oumar Toure (bass/vocals) and Nathanael Dembele (drums) known as Songhoy Blues with all their composing and self-written tracks available on this releasing album called Resistance bringing the spirits of traditional Africans added with some modern solos Latino grips on Santana/Los Lobos heavy influences through the proves on Bamako, Hometown, Badji, Ir Ma Sobay, Alhakou to One Colour trying to make differences by the distinctive unique sounds and the way the band’s did their choir vocalists among the tunes of magnificent taste over World Music choices. 

Adversity something positive to the younger generation of the third world countries to sing the struggles themed !