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Crystal City (Not On Label 2013)

   Finland Rock N’ Roll of Southern parts as their flamboyant style and killer riffs combination formats of Heavy Metal sound blisters performance by Andy Haywire (vocals, lead guitars), Domino De La Rogue (guitars) and Timothy Baton (bass) as the trio off a small lesser-known town of Porvoo.

The music sounding alternates to the previous Hair Metal combination which mergers to a more strengthen Hard Rock as well as Heavy Rock bashing tempos over the second recording of them known as Baton Rogue Morgue releasing this USA. 

   Listening to those thirteen tracks of real hardening rocks providing by these Finnish rockers that will not confusing your sex-orientations anymore but the man’s world quota back to achieved as the thermo-logy patterns of solo and melodic clashes and thus rhythmic explosively, hot and sexy like the model lady lying semi-nude only using the bikini – hailing the fourth of july show exploded to the Massacre of St. Valentine’s Day, Ride to Die, Black Ink, Finger on The Trigger, Expect No Mercy and Deliverance – proving the powerful Heavy Metal is back to reign your stereo this new millennium !!!