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Grey Cell Green (Furtive 1991)


   The phase on their title track like Kill Your Television. Capital Letters to Selfish and Your Complex truly shows the creative side cleverness for the five-piece of these UK Dance Pop's crew of Indie Electronic Pop Rock band - Ned's Atomic Dustbin from Stourbridge - West Midlands including Jonn Penney (vocals), Alex Griffin (bass, vocals), Dan Warton (drums), Andy King (bass) and Martin Warlow (guitars) to opening their reality debut over the world's loving beats within this catchy mid-tempo rock/electro power for the alternative to the mainstream music at that era - losing all the boundless borders through and embracing unity among some genre of music collectively attached to one single column attractions especially, for the youngsters.
   God Fodder might be that one particular elements of new-nation's above the future on popular culture musical benefits and next steps overall; several new kids opening the blocks and connecting harmonies to make branding upon themselves independently without bigger company touch and interference ...

Go for Throwing Things, Happy or Nothing Like and more from the track-listing glory-echoes lighting up yours !

God Fodder: