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Crossroads Of Life (Dreamworks 2000)

   Long term relationship with Kelly Frears and the last December flight of the obsessed system engineer on traveling the world for his productive schedules with Fed-Ex ruins as the sudden struck of fatal plane crash into the ocean somewhere around the Pacific area (un)luckily, escaping him to survive, clinging to the raft and unconscious to be washed up to an unknown and non-inhabitant island where there Chuck Noland must awake his nightmare for being stranded alone by exploring around, finding food and shelters and hopefully, waiting to be discovered. Alan Anthony Silvestri the music composer really make some good progress for Robert Zemeckis sadder and dramatic of the survival of Mr. Noland’s Cast Away movie back to the civilizations after his five years of being missing since the crash. Having packages of Fed-Ex ashore as his equipment to catch fishes, shoes from the dead pilot, coconut diet and raw crabs before he can make fire and have a friend to talk to – Wilson the volleyball.
   Counting his loss and hopes while waiting for the right moment to – either throwing himself from the high cliff or making boat to crossing the vast almost uncountable size of the ocean ahead as the tracks of instrumental composing for the sadder story, tragedy of mourning and the far more sadly – reuniting the permanent separation between Chuck and Kelly; right from the iconic Opening Titles, What The Tide Could Bring, I’m Sorry Wilson, Drive to Kelly’s to the End Credits really did making the audiences drifted along this melodramatic times with one of the best acting from Tom Hanks before the package with thus wings of angel leads him to choose his own decision – meeting a new face, new place and new home.