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Coraniadi Horse (Rocket Recordings 2009)

The flash news didn’t tell the details but the giant cargo ship do sinking slowly somewhere and with it goes the millions disadvantages of the owners but behind it smiling the wicked for more insurance big payment back as the business really looks dirty nowadays but that’s not recalls to stop Teeth of The Sea to gave their important announcement to the globe that they’re the UK metamorphosing experimental group whose blending the Electronic noise, Psychedelic and Indie Rock to make slower doomy music with an ambient sounds follow.
One cannot easily classified this one because the cluster-fuck perceive sound-scape gets your intentions raising for interest towards these Post-Rock/Drone/Tribal heavy music comes out your stereo. Orphaned By The Ocean is the ultimate try-out for knowing these rock group better and the tragic event happens unpredictable – just like their tracks in soft progression of blizzard psychedelic arts over Latin Inches, Swear Blind The Alsatian’s Melting, Dreadnought, Knees Like Knives or Sentimental Journey – commencing to story to the depth …

Orphaned By The Ocean: