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Conundrum Motel (Disney Enterprises/EMI 2009)

   Happy living as an old couple together Carl the balloon seller whose since a kid idolizing famous explorer Charles F. Muntz and Ellie his wife got ill and died wasn’t the only worst thing that old Carl needs to facing – the surrounded skyscrapers squashing his small house almost getting rid of him to the retirement house if it’s not for the day he met Russell the young boy-scout or wilderness traveler visiting the house earning his last merit badge on helping people but the accidental stowaway as the preparation promise from Carl to his wife make-shifting the house onto an airship using thousands of helium balloons lifting it UP (like the movie title) began the adventures for both Carl and Russell go on a flight using the house adventuring to remote place or Venezuela above and between the sky and clouds until caught by the storm and deflated on Tepui across the paradise falls. Encountering the colorful snipe giant bird they naming it Kevin, the silly kind dog – Dug, the rest of thus aggressive canine army led by the male Doberman with a broken voice-changer necklace Alpha and their master; non-other than – the legendary explorer Charles Mintz alive and healthy (and very mean) as his actual plan to capturing bird-like Kevin alive happens to be his own egoist wish for a very long time.
   Deserving their warm guest service at first, old Carl and Russell realizing that Muntz is really psychotic and mad for forcing them to give Kevin and attacking their house using wild dogs pack, tried to burning it; chasing them with his gigantic zeppelin compound – even trying to kill Carl. 
The animated drama movie for children UP reveals its awesome journey magic scoring music of instrumentals as Michael Giacchino and various artists performing the tracks from Married Life, Paradise Found, 52 Chachki Pickup Three Dog Dash onto The Nickel Tour, Memories can Weigh You Down, The Small Mailman Returns or Meet Kevin in The Jungle (Skywalker Sound) releasing thus feelings about the real wishes on greater adventure and the companion and the good speed lucks as much as you needed to yourself also – happens to Carl, Russell, Dug and Kevin which then defeated the wicked Muntz as he fell from the heights, meeting Kevin’s chicks and nest; leading dog Dug beating out Alpha and the lost house of Carl finally, finding its place stuck on a side of the exotic legendary waterfall while Carl fulfilling his promise to Ellie and Russell get his final merit badge back in town – using the floating zeppelin as his new place.

Up! (Score) Original Soundtrack: