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Contradictions (Recall 2003)

   The second releasing album from the Iceland Pop/Electronic project which leading by the main figure character mastermind under the naming of Baroi Johansson on guitars and vocals with Esther Talia Casey for the female vocals giving the sensual sensations to whose ever listening through the track-listed recording via Bang Gang’s Something Wrong within the tangled broken-hearted fixture of maximizing Pop-arts sounds and orchestral visions viciously addicted on those hypnotic bitter endings but kept on being modern by its appearance sounds performance whilst the terrible man collapse after the nude girlfriend leave him out to marrying the natural world as her choice over Trip-Hop and Indie Rock harmonies provided here as ear caught the depression adrift a far.
   Sounding just like an ex-lover’s diary themes been recording to show the people they’d know – the betrayal of love in slow-motion tunes fell of hope sadder than just your ordinary Pop-songs with special edgy solos over There Was a Whisper, Forward and Reverse, Find What You Get or Stop in The Name of Love – lying lost on the field on a remote area of Iceland.

Something Wrong: