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Condemned Cave (Independent 2017)

   Fascinating spreads off pagan magic onto insect transformation within the sludgy as well as Southern Metal in a real extreme ways louder fusion musical sounds recorded by the Atlanta, Georgia’s unit named Degradations – consisting of five-piece local monstrous rockheads: Dylan Kilgore (vocals), Micah Vaughn and Brad Paul (guitars), Terry Walker (drums) and Allen Keller (bass guitar) on board. Through this second amazing powerful and plunged groovy metallic pulverization techniques and tempos successfully, buried everyone who dare to open the locked-up key and by the loudest media operating the sound-system to let these metal-fucking heads cranking your afternoon after the heavy raining session with Graves. 
   The perfect high-tension and respectful recording of today’s Southern Metal alliance kept their faith equally by the definitive high standard as the low key or the fast tracks might slay the finishing touch in order to beheaded the traitors of the south-land dare to enters the border without a real roots story playing these sacred riffs continued within the chaos daily worldwide problems as today may turning on tomorrow doomsday – so never, under-estimated the sounds roaring off the groups like the american heroes – Degradations. Feel the hatred, the justice finder, the tales of a lifetime and the wiser struggling over battle for patriotism and angst through the ravaged songs like Only The Dead…, Sine Metu, Jordan, The Descent, Blood Tongue and Worthless – may fit for the scene of conquest and secret missions on the foreign lands by the troops of Metal-heads !