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Closed Lid (Independent 2016)

Three-piece from Kalamazoo – Michigan Indie Pop guy-club with a little part losers but the rest is partly, cool as they can make music – the good one not just stupid silly jerks freaking comedy or something. Vocals/guitar/drums: Peter Morris, bass/synth: Christopher Peters and guitar/bells: Matthew Willsea did well for their seminal acoustic Alternative Shoegaze and rock independent taken the influences from Wilco or older Midwest Jangle-Pop groups with the intense lead solo melodic and the drawing for simplicity like their name – Cardboard Highway selling the album: Reach.

From thus Unplugged Alarm Clock, Metronome, Where are you Going ?, If You Quit Listening, Level One and Art Room – promised a better but sadder intuitions to make the right next moves according to the imperfect life being your self-adventurous in a wandering through uncertainty and fast-way as the bridges and the gap getting wider and wider and all that you need is believing to yourself.