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Chopper Towers (Madison Gate 2014)

   A CIA intelligence analyst got her task related to the tracing of evidence about whether the most wanted terrorist leader in the world with so many cases that claim millions of innocent civilian lives as the acts of terror and his funded organizations is still at large as long as he lives well and being supported by most of the fanatic countries which believe in his interpretations and jihadis calls upon the heathen westerners and other infidel’s targets around the world making the mission to find and kill Osama Bin Laden a top priority among all without questioning or reasons.
The clever and eager stronger mature female agent Maya (Jessica Chastain)then seeing an opportunity connecting the other informants from the detainee camp in Pakistan as the aprproved interrogation techniques finally, having a green blurred light within a connection between courier traffic Abu Ahmed and Abu Faraj-Al-Libbi as the tragic attack of suicide bombers hitting Camp Chapman where later on it’s being clearly that Al-Kuwaiti is an alias of Ibrihimi Sayeed for then – led to Bin Laden hidden compound somewhere as speculated around Abbottabad as confirmation being investigates by a small team force disguising there with the helps of field agents and some local informants; CIA headquarters confirm to Washington that 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment with DEVGRU and SAD/SOG should immediately, raiding the compound after the quick briefing with President Obama. Zero Dark Thirty visualized the long operations for capturing as well killing the most dangerous terrorist leader on the planet as Osama Bin Laden and his family really hiding for a long time in Abottabad are necessary needs to be arrested dead or alive; just like this (Original Soundtrack) scoring by the composer Alexandre Desplat following the intrigue, the sudden shocking, the secret story and the real event behind the raiding of the compound by two stealth helicopters which one unluckily fell closer but didn’t affecting the success of it as 21 Days, Preparation for Attack, Monkeys, Northern Territories, Ammar to Drive to Embassy and Flight to Compound really have a meaningful as tunes over this important theme.