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Chips Tock None (Diet Pops 2015)

   Comprising of the threatening trio calling themselves – Max Terror, El Terror and Joe Terror from the Cardiff’s Post-Punk plus their own dance-noise and Witch Rock pleasure to wrote down as their blasting beats with a strange groove as themselves opinion develops to the most intense one as being growing meaner to be called Totem Terrors.

   Sometime presenting by the media as only a duo of Max Hicks and Rosie Smith but the Art-Rock or New Wave measurements of noise-bracket shall kept the indie-power and non-commercial rocking tunes of their releasing record entitled Hard Science shown to the audience some kinds of the urgent stormy of food and gooey experiments to the Psychedelic rhythms from the past to the present days with Bristol Defector Hex, Swan Song, Worried, Me and My Sister, UNVRSY or other weird themes like Deathwish MF, Big E to Narrowman really sounding too interesting to ignores !

Hard Science: