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Chicago Ghost Past (Ubisoft 2014)

   Third-person perspective controls by a hacker named Aiden Pearce whom conducting a bank heist but failure as the alarms triggered with Aiden mentor/partner given out, a hitman named Maurice Vega fearing his family safety as a niece of him fell to a coma from a car accident while then Brenk (the partner) retaliates by kidnapping Aiden’s young sister as the demand to him on tracking another hacker (an ex-soldier/gang leader Delford Wade by the help from hacking syndicate DedSec team Clara Lille while on the other hand another hacker JB Markowicz deleting the system server but opens a secret information that would upsetting some people to be really pissed within this action-adventure gaming Watch Dogs composing soundtrack instrumental songs like The Loop, Donovan, Computer Underground, Creepy Caller, IP Tracking or Vigilante by Brian Reitzell through the smartphone uses by Aiden Pearce accessing the pedestrian private information or emptied their bank accounts; jamming security systems and infiltrates into the deeper hack-puzzling to be solved as involving the train controls or traffic lights to the malfunctioning their gadgets as well that he also arming himself an extensible truncheon on melee fight or combat handgun to shotguns to sniper rifle and grenade launchers.
   Scaling vertical surfaces, hacking forklifts or aerial works platforms and navigates the setting of motorcycle, muscle-cars or luxurious vehicles as well as unlocking the map icons or side missions on his journey for a payback and justice upon him and his family on that Windy City.

"Connection is Power"