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Check It Out (Independent 2014)

Nothing is too original once you got your fascinating mind on releasing other superb group’s hits done again – this time with your own remixing works; Coins really enjoying the temporary “forsee-able”  of Daft Science looking good for the future Dance-floor streaming sessions on this package of remixed recording of the surgery by technology to these eight tracks here used to be owned by Beastie Boys and Daft Punk but thanks to Toronto’s (DJ) and music producer Coins – unfortunately, the works may caught your interest – at least, your feet are going to move in lunacy following Sure Shot (Daft Science Remix), Pass The Mic (Daft Science Remix) or Alive/Intergalactic right to Disco Breakin – as all mixing as the more powerful beats as the courageous seminal Dubstep/Rock/Funk-Techno really feels amazing for most of the modern people on NOT dancing at all. Old-School nerdy goody sounding results !

Daft Science: