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Changed All Again (Silent Majority Group 2014)

Nu-Metal might have been dwelling too long and damn- perhaps, it’s time for them to return with the more mixing additions of Electronic and samplings and things darker as the trio of DJ Rob Rose, Kyle Pfeiffer and Roman James well indeed to pursuing their plan over Blacklite District (the band) first debut releasing via Worldwide Controversy as Alternative Rock and Electro-metallic sounds clenching harder and the standard beats relenting the mass-murderous catchy neo collaboration in Modern Metal attitude music meets these (un)American(ized) themes as spreading through-out the global ears and collective audience – blasts the performance from Roman James on bass,vocals, electric guitars and Kyle Pfeiffer (vocals, piano and guitar) as well as producing this album; the kinds of bitcoin’s sensation that can be transferred to work in many field of Rock Music demanding as the track-listed programs like I Gambled and I Won, Take ME To The Grave, Damage Down, Alone Tonight or Like Yesterday reveals the incompetence to give your problems a solution like the rest of the community – dragged by greed, lust and envy on gluttony.

Worldwide Controversy: