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Chains Gravity (Essential Records 2015)

   RED or sometimes just spelled Red in the Modern Alternative Rock band from Nashville, Tennessee and consisting of these fine US rockers such as vocalist Michael Barnes, Anthony Armstrong on guitars, Randy Armstrong (piano, bass) and Joe Rickard and if you might not knowing them for winning a grammy; their musical works shall eventually making you shock – within their standard rocking sounds like Grunge meets Gothic Metal but the growlers as well may providing something newer to be called exactly by the local media by the name of Modern Metal and Emo-Core as the bite of Christian wisdom as well as the choir on harmony vocalizations correctly epic to listening by you through the fifth recording form them here – Of Beauty and Rage battering rams the background of autumn and black plague masked figure staring at you – whether to threatening or warn us about but the tracks like Descent, Impostor, Darkest Part, Fight to Forget went to Yours Again or The Forest must be creating the alarms for the modern world to aware of the near future signs of times.

Of Beauty and Rage: