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Cathryn’s Peak Surge (Paramount Picture Corporation 2017)

   Producer Avi Arad and friends cannot stop themselves from not making a theater filming on the seminal classic of Japanese manga/sci-fi story via Ghost In The Shell happens as let the director spot given to Rupert Sanders and picking the perfect girl for playing the role of heroine cybernetic robot hybrid – Major Mira Killian or the lost rebel girl Motoko Kusanagi was sending to investigates the hallucination effects or glitches causing some murder cases targeting the senior Hanka experts as well as hostages did by the robotic geishas led by the unknown super intelligent entity called Kuze – whom actually, one of the last hybrid (A.I) robotic experimented and then, considerable as a failure to be tossed away as junk – coming back to haunts and get his revenge on the company business men.
   One will see all those amazing technology displays through the movie background and scenery with 3-D or futuristic modern metropolis meet the little less traditional of Japanese culture with Yakuza bar, more geisha robots, laser-lights and multi dimensional advertising boards but Section 9 agents need to think fast before the next attack targeting Quelet but then, found a secret behind the discovery about test subjects of slave-humans makeshift to the signal network while Killian must took the blame for Quelet killing and must be terminated; she found out that Kuze is not evil and once used to be her companion boyfriend Hideo as well as the moment of lost old memory leads her back to her old home meeting her mom who didn’t recognize her anymore.
   The movie soundtrack provides most of thus scoring music by Clint Mansell and Lorne Balfe instrumentally onto Cyber-Punk-Rock Electronic tunes mix as inspired by via Shooting Star performed by Suzuki Sayaka, Get Me Swerve On by Sam Zeines or Damas (Fakear) and Ohayo Baby performing by Tim & Puma Mimi; Johnny Jewel – The Hacker, DJ Shadow’s Scars (feat. Nils Frahm) or Kenji Kawai Utai IV: Reawakening (Steve Aoki Remix) helping the re-capture of this brilliant high-tech filming finds the right flicks to shine even the story for some adults also S&M entertainingly confusing to understand at first.