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Candles Chemical (Motown 1991)

   A successful afro-american architect happy married and living in Brooklyn going on to the temptation for interracial relationship with his new co-worker Italian-American Angie Tucci makes Flipper Purify living since the late night sexual tumultuous sexual intercourse to admitting the infidelity to a long time friend; the promotion demands, company positionto be racist or just lust of a black man trying to find something better new besides his beloved wife Drew as this sex adventures brought Flipper to realizing about the continuity of his forbidden relationship with Angie whom living near Bensonhurst with her father Mike and two brothers Charlie and Jimmy as well as Angie’s boyfriend’s Paulie. Quitting jobs, criticizing by Cyrus about the affair temps and white woman’s addicted of taste when next further story of Jungle Fever movie seems to be  worsen as Flipper wife’s knew about this terrible affair love story of interracial between her husband and a white woman – soon kicking out Flipper momentary as his relationship with Cyrus went strain after the insukting on his wife by Flipper for this. 
   The examples over how differences can be a stronger ties but as well sources for more problems are basically, being discussed on this film with Spike Lee directing as starring Wesley Snipes and Annabela Sciorra with Stevia Wonder pulls his magic grooves on musical writings to create these finest Rn’B, Soulful Funk to awesome voice high-shout to singing primal popularity caught all over his best works since quite a while and Music  From The Movie Jungle Fever like Queen in The Black, These Three Words, Each other’s Throat, If She Breaks Your Heart ft. Kimberly Brewer onto Gotta Have You and more ingredients to add some more of something good to be thinking and reflects seeing how Flipper found out when Angie’s coming in bruises after beaten-up by her father knowing for her interracial relationship as they’re decided to moving away together only to encounters more racial discrimination form the society on both sides. 
   The quarreling ends a shooting over Flipper’s drug-addicts brother Gator in Harlem; Dr. Purify proclaiming his son as evil and already dead after the accident as well as Angie’s boyfriend Paulie trying to have relationship with black woman ends up unwell. Angie later turns back home while Flipper went to find a hooker but fell down in tears bitching about his misfortune lives tormenting by own stupidity.

Music From The Movie Jungle Fever: