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Camel Caravan (Decca 1999)

   Alexander Courage orchestrated the entire background music for this action-fantasy movie as the travels to Hamunaptra or the city of the dead by an aspiring Egyptologist from Cairo library of beauty – Evelyn with her silly brother Jonathan finding a moment making a deal with ex-members of French foreign legionnaire and American adventurer Rick O’Connell after being released by them from the dirty rotted Egyptian prison.
Leading the journey to find the actual legends off the hamunaptra history tells everyone about the forbidden affairs between high priest Imhotep and Anck-Su-Namun as Pharaoh Seti I mistress and assassinating the pharaoh as well to making themselves as a couple of rulers but then being killed by the guards as imhotep flees – waiting to resurrects her corpse with all his priests later being sentenced to the worst suffering curse over Egypt – Hom Dai means buried alive with flesh-eating bettles scarab. 
   Meeting with their opposite reasons on the same desert roads with the American team – wants to raiding some ancient treasure hunting; O’Connell found out about the Medjai guardian of the tomb of the unspeakable name curse upon the land forbid them to entering the sacred place because it’s cursed but after several gun-fights and dynamite blown out; the American team finally raiding the parts of it with a discovery of canopic jars as Eveyln learns about the famous book of the living but discovering the black book of the dead – accidentally, opening the curse and resurrects the mummy of Imhotep – as it awakening and begins to attack the entire excavation team as following them one by one to get the jars and Evelyn as well. 
Jerry Goldsmith composing the traditional and fine Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of The Mummy brilliantly and undoubted telling most of the scenery during the desert journey, the river steam-boat raids to the mystery around Egypt’s old and ancient tales like The Sarchopagus, Giza Port, The Caravan, The Crypt, My Favorite Plague or The Sand Volcano chasing the plane as you may witnessing the true power of the wicked Imhotep gaining his power back by sucking living people’s soul to dry, releasing every single ten plagues upon Egypt like the old times happening and trying to resurrect his beloved princess Anck-Su-Namun by sacrificing Evelyn – as the journey back to the forbidden city also pursued by Rick, Jonathan and Ardeth the medjai going inside the dark pyramid temple to saving Evelyn, destroying Imhotep and if lucky, gets some of the gold treasure but unlucky for some greedy people – to their doom under the sand.