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Cactus Girl (Polydor 1993)

   Carter Burwell influence did some of his touch in musical scoring and stage to the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack over the tales of Dominic Sena directing Road-Thriller movie as showing you that you cannot just go meet strangers and believing them telling the true behind lies and then, travelling around some of the remote, less populated and America’s middle of nowhere area just like the bad luck story of graduated student Brian Kessler and his photographer girlfriend Carrie Laughlin went out with their car to finishing Brian’s journalist article on serial killers psychology interests for than written as a book with film-making documentary to be offered as a book deal and further more as the materials needs to be collected; as the eyewitness or sources needs to be found and interviewed – the two couple driving from Pittsburgh to California ~ visiting some of  the most infamous murder sites around there just before meeting with psychopathic parolee Early Grayce and his girlfriend Adele whom running away from their trailer-park junkyard place and refuses the sheriff’s offering job as a janitor; almost killing the landlord for pushing them to pay the rent. Ride share ad and a phone calls did went to agreement for them to hitching a ride with Brian and Carrie as the redneck introduction and cheap talks influencing Brian to have Early as his guide tour for the documentaries materials work-job turning from warmth and honest friendships to harsh attitudes and disrespecting between them especially since Early taking the lead driver and pointing direction for them all – things went thrilling by turns. 
   The movie means something terrible can be happening when you losing your direction to sanity and stop listening to yourself; the various artists compiling the tracks for the background sounds during the scenery right from the couple going out leaving Pittsburgh or when they’re arrived to the infamous murder barnyard or the facts that Early easily a loose cannon and shot people he dislikes like an old couple owning a hacienda on a remote desert; naughty innocent Adele claiming things to absurd for towner girl like Carrie to hear about her experience or the raping/kidnapping of Carrie by redneck Early before the gunshot finally, ends the terrible journey for them can be related to those songs like Unfulfilled by Quicksand; East 17 with Deep, Drivin N Cryin’s When You Come Back, Therapy! In Accelerator, Lettuce and Vodka by X or The Indians and Sheryl Crow did well too there. 

Kalifornia is a bad dream comes true for those whom receiving worst experiences to put it onto books as the proof that those things really happening for a cause in life of some lucky couple …