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Bus Stop Malibu (Varese Sarabande 2004)

   Hans Florian Zimmer collectively, did a great job on the composing music score for Spanglish (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) as the story itself being written and directed by James L. Brooks of a romantic comedy living drama flashback tales of Christina’s mom whose successfully shaping her character for the person she’s now today as the girl applying to Princeton University and the story of Spanglish (acronym for Spanish and English) viewing the struggling life of the beautiful single mother and immigrant from Mexico – Flor Moreno whom worked for the American family as a nanny for The Clasky family: John the successful chef husband and dad, Deborah a former business woman turning to housewife with stressed daily life with her daughter Bernice and son Georgie as well as Deborah’s mom – Evelyn. 
Shameful for her own bigger size body making Bernice behaving neurotic for her mom’s perfectionist views toward her family same like John being frustrated to see his wife treating their children in a most uncomfortable way of submissive parenting system that truly abusive underneath al thus wiser words and actions from herself. Job interviews and opportunity led Flor the nanny and her daughter Christina getting involved with the Clasky during the full-time summer finding that the family are broken up badly where there’s no communications between themselves; Deborah begins to accepting Christina as her own slim-daughter, the silly glass piece for money collecting game from the unhappy dad John to how the nanny must helping them all not to losing one another with her kindness and passion. 
   The soundtrack approves that relationships and romance won’t be going far apart as the drama-comedy wraps the entire movie foremost matched to the track-listing scoring music there like The Beach, Cooking, Drunk and Disorderly, John Comes Home, No Left and Learning English – sharing more emotions towards the time when Christina went to same school like Bernice but both got different treatment from Deborah at home; the bumping fist loveable feelings between John and Flor to the good ends of happiness for everyone through the remarkable film you don’t wanted to miss.