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Brought By Sea (Hollywood Records 2006)

   By using his above standard making of the nearly perfection foreign-language next movie taken a background story about the ancient lost civilizations of Meso-American and its related to the Mayan Empire as Apocalypto movie by Mel Gibson directing rules almost everything you need to ask about the reality and historic bloody-rituals of the religious Mayan by sacrificing their kidnapping victims, slaves and outcasts above their altars of gigantic taller pyramid-like temples as Jaguar Paw with his father Flint Sky and other tribesmen hunter encountering refugees whose flee farther as they said that the village will have same fate for being ravage just like them whose now seeking new place and new beginning as the next morning trouble comes and wiping out Jaguar Paw’s community – taking them rest as hostage, raping their women; killing the innocent and burning up everything – led by the marauder Zero Wolf but luckily for Seven and son Turtles Run – hiding inside the deep well hole may saving them for awhile as the tragedy grows and goes by the torturing group of now slaves to the Mayan empire – through the dangerous mountain cliffs and rain-forest as the little sick girl standing on the road-side telling the marauders that the end for their world is closer seeking through her prophecy spoken to Jaguar Paw. Mayan city was at that time filled with crowds not more than hundred thousand as the royal family celebrating the offerings to the gods in the sky with human sacrificial of countless until the gods showing signs of content and pleased.
   As the moment Jaguar Paw’s chest  to be stab and cut open by the high priest suddenly, darkness falls upon them as the tribesmen of Mayan people scared that the gods are angry at them demanding more but everything stops and fortunately, the solar eclipse didn’t hold much longer as jaguar Paw being released from the dreadful death only to facing another test of traditional hunting runners as many of his friends died in vain getting killed – he escaping after killing Zero Wolf’s older son. James Horner did a very good indeed composing the chosen tracks for the movie background sounds – as Mel Gibson’s pleasing to hear the native language being used but also thus mystical orchestra and scoring like Tapir Hunt, The Storyteller’s Dreams, Entering The City with A Future Foretold, To The Forest and An Elusive Quarry match the epic filming story. Severely injured but outrun the angry hunters chasing him for revenge; the prophecy turns out to be fit within the movements that Jaguar Paw did to eliminating his opponents one by one with the help of the jungle, the waterfall, the panther, the trees, the killer wasp, the poison frog and many things like a setting trap as for his little family surviving the flood inside the hole as wife Seven given water-birth to her newborn accompanied by her son; jaguar Paw un-finished business with Zero Wolf comes to an end as the mayan warrior got himself laid waste to a traditional animal trap and as the small family of our Mesoamerican jungle-man ascending to leave the shore area where everyone seeing a strange floating giant ship – as the European/Spanish troops beached and systematically – destroying the empire and the rest of Meso-America not long after that as the prophecy said …