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Brixton Heavy (Mercury/RAM 2011)

   Soul Milton (Chase) and Will Kennard (Status) are the duo productions of Dubstep and Drum & Bass whom actually good friends back to their days in London but traveling to Manchester to go college but not only that attached these two but also the likes for making, writing and arranging compositions of music beats to dance or to getting wilder with their project of fully beats starting out as Chase & Status as often being also known as Dubsta, Loopdigga to Smoke Jumpers but their most solid ever being preserving accepted by the mainstream media of Rave/EDM/Beat-box music addicting would be the releasing on No More Idols that consuming the listeners within the various battering clashes between many genre sounds like Electronic, Grime, Dubstep, Hip-Hop to Drum n Bass and Raggamovin’ style that ejecting the superb motion under the commanding sophomore modern beats presentations by the nicer works from Chase & Status via No Problem, Fire in Your Eyes (with Maverick Sabre); Liam Bailey co-working through Blind Faith, Let OYu Go (featuring Mali), Tinie Tempah for Hitz or Hypest Hype with Tempa T and also live recording rocked out with Plan B to Rage via Fool Yourself. Bringing the package completed full of all your favorite things on a dance album compilations recording of a sad boxer doggy listen to the group’s style music that makes us wanted to jumping and moving back and forth on being non-control-able.

No More Idols: