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Brighton Shredders (Self-Released 2014)


   Wearing slicky sick-ass baseball t-shirt for you by these Los Angeles, California named Barrett Tuttobene and Richard Ray for making this amazing damn album using their duo killer band-like performing the taste of noises riot tunes through experimental Math-Rock, instrumental Avant-garde as well as Metal Punk Rock and Garage Thrash directed insanity of non-demanding Pop culture to hope on them.

It’s like Andrew WK doing his partly blast of miracles inside the possessed room filling up with demonic fans of Motorhead and Venom these days and you might get the reality on this self-titled 100 Onces album. 

   Releasing their brilliant destructive ideas and blatant madness freedom in double pedals guillotine or the hammering ram mosh-pit of the purgatory laws by those seminal progressive and parts of thrashy metallic Punk problems beneath the songs like OC/DC, Sr Kate, Boreder Patrol, Science Can’t Explain Magic or Etch-a-Sketch Orchestra may killing your parents and ridiculous mother in law before the midnight strikes the time of being right from the start to rock hard !