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Bog Redemption (Warner Bros./WaterTower Music 2015)

   Mad max: Fury Road is the new millennium and fourth installments over the infamous franchise as a joint action big screen between Australia-America starring for now – Tom Hardy as Max Rockatansky and Charlize Theron the Imperator Furiosa as the main characters trapped within the communion of survivalist cult of inbreeding-self killers coming from one father/leader figure Immortan Joe and many of his concubines and mistress to producing the community mutant hybrid babies later being constructs as a loyal warriors ready to follow any of their leader’s commands.
Max isn’t that mad at first – just  a lost refugee abandoned and caught by the cult riders and truckers as taken home to be eaten but because of the more important things in needs on that post-apocalyptic  desert wasteland such as gasoline and water – the journey for escaping, road battles, fake business and more rampaging road battles are your ultimate action choices on watching this. Max co-operates with Furiosa to runaway as they’re unaware of those young ladies (Immortan Joe’s wives) also hiding inside their trucks to go out far away from the nightmarish living with thus excellent sound-tracking creatively, made by Junkie XL on Mad Max: Fury Road (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) displaying orchestration and thrilling beats as well as manic sounds terribly went to something wrong or the road raging scenes where this movie used to be legendary with. 
   The War Rig trying to pass the horrible sand-storms; as Escape track or We Are Not Things approaching; Water songs seems to be right fit as the demanding high when the hope is lower and the intrigue dangers via The Rig or Spikey Cars or Blood Bag carrying the final meeting with the woman from the destroyed swampland as the mighty powerful heavy fights attempts closely, almost on every area of the deserts later given them the idea to going back and controlling the citadel headquarters as Immortan Joe still chasing them and leave it unguarded. 
With many died and seriously wounded but can finally, kills Immortan Joe – both Max and Furiosa entering the citadel gate with the dead body of their ugly leader soon to be crowning Imperator Furiosa as the new leading figure while Max continues his journey in search of something important to himself …