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Black Widow (Magick River 2015)

   Some can calling him as his is recognizable as Antares or perhaps, Guano Breath’s identity which taken back thorugh the late eighties era music sounds created, written, composed and performs by himself. Not handsome but you shall known that this Pertak Village, Malaysian musician acceptable Folkish Pop songs truly, original to the ears with those honest and non-commercial tunes in the process did the progress although you never ever heard about his ugliness face before – means music. 
Strange Flesh (100% Organic) must be a milestone recording for Guano Breath with his handful of local percussion beats, acoustic voice and background noises live recording for the album; investing a settled economy in simplicity of low-budget but still those English lyrics story about The Good Life, Presence of Mind, Baby I Love Your Way (Peter Frampton cover), Badge “Reloaded” (Cream cover) onto many more covering of The Beatles or Dylan’s themes incentive the energy for the continuously, quitting plan for him as he said to the source once. 

No longer but these aren’t the materials you wanted to left behind in musical career for now …

Strange Flesh (100% Organic):