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Bitch Acid My Fridge (Alien Records 2015)

   Sometimes looks can really deceiving you and for this fact – one might thought seeing a talented female DJ processing and make the musical progress within thus remixes style but when the truth hits the reality that Mandragora is actually, a male DJ good enough to be distract your attention and yes, Eduard Mandragora has a music career by the desert city of Chihuahua – Mexico as you can check up again the status on his facebook account. Don’t get tricky by the title of the working record of La Espanolita because the Electronic Psy-Trance, Progressive Down-Tempo and House-Techno musicality pressing the energy and suddenly, things got heat-up pretty good as the audience opening their minds and ears while Mandragora and his friends mixture the tentative tentacles sounds via the tracking lists like Sacramento, The Goat featuring 4i20, Beautiful, Alien Abduction or Carousell featuring Groovaholik with Sesto Sento or Vertigo remixing the songs originally composed by Senor Mandragora. 

Drink your beers, enjoy the show but don’t ever get a close Attacked By Snakes, amigos !

La Espanolita: