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Berputar Lingkaran (Bulletin Records 1996)

   Three album on their discography list but never once being mentioned as the local/national Grunge or Psychedelic group with less popularity back to their roots on the nineties era but rather been told as vacuum than broke-up as the touching soul and thrust being released to the air creatively sounding themselves as the part of Pearl Jam/Neil Young collaborative musical influences crested here to Plastik born to teasing your lack of emission gas on green-house effects poetry lyrics for Indonesians as formed by Ipang, Didit, Iman, Aray and Alex for the releasing a debut album self-titled via cassette format at the time; a parade of pretty much good compositions eliminates the boredom over silly romance themes conquering the local music scene as the Rock show events went permanent asleep before this firing up strings and blast beats standard of the band alarming your head to paid attentions to the clever moves and smarts messaging over the abstractive songs in bahasa like examples: Tenang (Peaceful), Seperti (A Like), Error, Konflik, Suatu Hari Berbicara (Once Spoken at the day) through Khas as well as Haus (Thirsty) might leaving your ears echoed by the like of south east asian’s Eddie Vedder style singer but if you wanted to do some deeper researches on them – you might finding something interesting about the background story over Indonesia Rock society.