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Benefit Giving (MCA Records 1990)

   Perri Smith-Reid-Nixon used to be an incoming star of Rn’B under brighter spotlight of the nineties era; where Pop stardom and (husband) LA Reid are in her hands while not just following her cousin Cherrelle but becoming one for sure – Soul singer/song-writer/producer/dancer and beautiful manager for TLC before the strobes went dimmed and Pebbles finding herself stuck in the middle but before things turning worsen she made a good decision to be thus born-again Christian and founding the Woman of God as Changing Lives Ministry services continues then.
   But there’s a time when the beats of sound really arousing and forcing youngsters to following the tunes and happy hours even late of night or MTV generation anthems enormously, having Pebbles as one of those names possible to be the next superstar within the hot, sensual and selling-out New Jack Swing/Contemporary R&B music via soulful album on her second releasing – Always. Sour or smiling whenever she sings; the audience will keep liking how this girl used to making your eyes stop blinking for couple minutes whilst the songs of Pop-Dance like Love Makes Things Happen, Backyard, Why Do I Believe, Stay With Me, Good Thang or Give It To Me may not lasting forever but probably, match the hits for choices on your former compilation cassettes or collection numbers.