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BeatCrystal Cut 32 (Clan Destine 2017)

   Raw Hellenic Electro/Technovibes and Pre-Industrial beastly targets achieved by the smart and darker possible creation from DJ Loser aka Terzoglou Pantelis coming like the mechanical loosen ghost of the robotic musical moderates future soulless entity in a medium louder volume dealing to interacts within the attraction for the loving ears of an audience insane enough by understanding these performance sounds.
The horrific self-titled recording which carrying the mysterious pagan-based portrait of the tree of life honored by many of thus ancient cultures from the beginning of time; medieval era until this future millennium – with great respects just like DJ Loser did. 
   The infinite triangle, the circles layering levels of life phase and all the symbolic sacred beasts make their opening way to these nine tracks experimental tracks with non-human vocals such as It Used to Please Me, Boiling Point, A.BD.S or SFs11Sf3 and Fatal Shocks 96s – releasing the scary atmosphere felt closer to your bones entering the skins and infiltrates the hearing sense to infects the normal with irregular thoughts !

DJ Loser: