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Battery The City (Saguaro Road 2008)

   Stop remembering only because she had a one hit wonder of thus Classic Alternative spiritual religious hits back on the nineties – One of Us but remembering Ms. Joan Osborne because she had a mounting talents to show and shares to the rest of the global listeners years after that in stillness of the tempting to wrote down more good songs and keeping her balance of rootsy Americana sparks within the Modern Rock and Folk-Pop musical beliefs there like the next level for her career long after the furor of god walks among human therapy tunes forgotten; but Joan Elizabeth Osborne is belongs to American Blues/Country-Pop and Indie Rock singer/artists with soulful values to listening to includes her performance with additions of Motown influences as well.
   The eight recording albums releasing here through Little Wild One meet the audiences to see her soften sides drowning onto acoustic melodies and Folk-Rock with Pop accent stronger to be blended with the keeping faith lyrics and woman’s intuition went amazing to play right after the evening strikes between six and seven o’clock where the twilight effects would affecting thus magical moment to be magnificent to some with their own telling stories connected to the tunes. 
   To The One I Love, Daddy-O, Meet You in The Middle, Can’t Say No, Cathedrals and Sweeter Than The Rest are some of the highlights themed providing within the simple record as the blurred photographs capturing the exact blessing time to telling how beautiful your love really are without too much words …

Little Wild One: