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Bad Million Girl (MCA/Mechanic 1990)

   Paramus, New Jersey crew of Hard Rock glamour metallic and sweet Pop tunes ruling the air your breathing back in the midst of eighties all the way through the early nineties as these quartet of four long-haired boys playing their three chords of more melodic and loud solos that makes colored people thinks that all the white-man really cannot jumps but rock n’ rolling hardest like these team-mates.
Mark Scott, Peter Loran, PJ Farley and Steve Brown are the young American savior with lesser-fame while releasing the debut album of their band – Trixter’s self-titled by press released. Glam-Rock and Hair Metal was the consumptions for mostly, bikers, middle class collars; lonely wives and kids on druggy libidos trying to have extreme acts to live-in as the streets filling with legal amphetamine and Hard Rock is your only saving grace music that pumping blood through the entire body. 
   Awesome magic standard sounds and your days shall be rocking out while cranking the facts for that century over Heart of Steel, Give It To Me Good, Surrender, Only Young Once, Always a Vistim or You’ll Never See Me Cryin’ with those screaming high-pitched, sing-along and great choruses to make people falling in love to this type of Pop-Rock sounds !