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Ax Quartering (Bizarre Leprous Productions 2016)

   The Greatest Shits must be your favorable records of one those raiding executions among normal rocking people being taken alive before then – tortures, mutilates and some of their parts being eaten by the mastering Russian Porno-Grind or Gore-Grind or Death Grind or Extreme Metal bands whom loving to consuming life beings flesh as the squealing growls and screaming insanity vocals collision through the blasting riff-age as thunderous hell raping heaven creatures scenery and pornographic images or lyrics lining told the audiences about the mighty level-up on madness sicker minds already infected like this S.C.A.T group of powerful killer instinct being released into chaos of metallic music brutality consumption as the fanatic/skeptic necro-loving and cannibals as the appetite gets so fucking high just like Bowel Snap Ring (Tangential Section of Faeces) drilling holes right on your parents skulls and watching you got eaten alive and family raped and burnt like barbecue must be a horror view to watch over this compilation that shoveling real human waste to your stupid monkey-ass mouth to shut the hell up.

The Greatest Shits: