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Audacious Erotica (Not On Label 2015)

   At first they’re just sounded familiar like the less-exposing Death-Metal version of S.O.A.D crew music but later on – one will realizing that Charlie Limpus (bass, bass and bass), Kned Gulliford (drums, percussion and bv), Cameron Whelan (guitars, mandolin, vocals and stuff) to Ryan Boyd (guitars, fret fondling, complaints manager) are those metal-heads whose making serious music for the people who can’t be taken seriously over this matters. Progressive Metal abundance form Brisbane with the deep influences from Electric Wizard, Death, Frank Zappa to Hanggai, Rush and Tom Waits being sounded exploratory and boundless by their high tension and techniques performance through those long duration of jamming, claims on blended well to the distorted bashing tempos collaborating as the experimental [Re-Issue] album for Nobelium describing the permanent images for many Australian and the world on global for seeing the land of magic imagination and mining variety then or later predicted within the artworks of the album.

Not stopping for the Drum Solo but the rest of the tracks manage to arranged by them – Plutus Unblind, Introspect, Mandoblues or A Lamentation grinding out with thick mixtures between modern and Middle Eastern-tinged as a metallic Comprehension which lasted after seven minutes and eleven seconds. 

The bashers compels thee !

Nobelium [Re-Issue]: