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Astoria Holidays (Bandcamp 2017)

Meet the trio musicians from Paris – Caleb Dolister (drums), Gael Petrina (bass/effects) and Warren Walker (saxophone/synthsizer/effects) composing their blending sounds of Post Minimalist expressions for Jazz-Electronic-Rock impress as The Kandinsky Effect group releasing the fine re-route recording album to bare by many Jazz-Pop lovers or some others liking visible Alternative sounds over the rest standard and ordinary products related to the similar genre. 

Pax 6 came in with the concept that French production credits must not be able just playing a good parts of Jazz experiments but also creating and invents the further more compositions originally unique so that the critics will hardly comparing them to everyone else as influenced of broader mature production may driven the allow music to be appreciates by the entire audience. 

Proof them within Glass Bottle, Defective Bleeding, This One is For You, Re; Jungle and Loops.

Pax 6: