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Asteroid Stalker (Bandcamp 2014)

   Choose to be known as the solo project band of a female talents and multi-purposes personality; Caroline Catlett Gates (vocals, electric/acoustic guitars, synth/piano, viola, mixing, beats and bass) from San Angelo – TX brought her quite mysterious and Goth-Rock inflicted music sounds performing its regular Indie-Folk experimental Progressive Electronic Rock mutualist that concern to have plenty depressive touches before she decided to move out to New Orleans. Professionally, locating her inner-self as an artist and musician woman whom didn’t trying to be disguised as a figure that brings hope or changes to the new meaning of commercialism but rather be always independent by standard to stay – horrifying or mystic under the signs of terror sounds in the making. 
Mass Extinction recorded by LongLiveLunacy (project) not only beaming the interests for small creatures but also thus themes that mingled within your scariest dreams or imaginations for the future and the present days especially, when things getting darker, the eerie feelings struck or the harmony that sounded haunting your consciousness rounding up the prairie or the backyard veranda to the emotion creeks down below. 
   Glowing eyes and moving stars might also causing by the displaying of The Masquerade, Wake Me In The Morning, Confessional, The Uncanny Valley to Crossed The Witch – sooner shall be the central problems that makes your back-hair stands as the conclusions for stopping the grudge from being shared was too late.

Mass Extinction: