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Aries Endless (Metal Blade Records 2004)

   Buzz McGrath, Ken Susi, Nick Perce and Trevor Phipps among others names of this good project Metal-Core band Unearth from Lynn, Massachusetts may feels that their secondary recording of Hardcore and Heavy Metal speed-timers growlers and crazy flicks on the right moments for anyone to get as fucking louder as they can and this is how Extreme Metal music got its owning crown back to the ruler of underground severe-land in capital letter since the wake-up of this style type thing over the earlier two thousands as the new millennium dawning the fate of modern men; The Oncoming Storm must truly related to the prophecy that later reveals by the media about Katrina, about Sandy and more giant disaster typhoons and tornadoes threatening human’s lame community anywhere we look.
   The Great Dividers, Failure, Black Hearts Now Reign, Bloodlust of The Human Condition or Predetermines Sky – cracking your ear-drums and stereo system to the very ruins of ashes as False Idols or Zombie Autopilot said the story about how technology owns our society at the top of fine days the beast computer taking over.

The Oncoming Storm: