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Arbeitslos (TAS Records 1982)

Wah-wah attacking techniques to the impressing all-girls  from this Dutch Punk-Rock Pop females as your rare crown jewel to be discovered; putting on their six-piece members band on singing in Dutch, English and German not feeling ashamed to deal with the rest of man’s world as being themselves written short songs in rough Garage guitars, Reggae and little wavie on easy playing as the facts could be your non-pretension of still going strong efforts as led by singer Josee getting your attentions from their town of Alkmaar/Amsterdam/Hoorn gladly awesome on throwing their album from the late eighties era entitled The Ideal by Wanda’s.
With the graffiti sign written on the alley’s wall saying, “ My brain is my ammunition, my body the gun. And the society – the target …” making sense of everything that most rebel music makers wanted to aiming at. 
Three chords riffs, sounded like the old version of Elastica as well expressing cold intrusion spreads the sedative seclusion over male minded realm being force to be opened as the kicking doors tracks like Second Part, Blind Witness, De Stem Des Volks, H2O Tucht with Cecile on vocals through Angst or All Right Reserved, gave guitarist Marleen, drummer Arie or bassist Cecile and even cover designer Anne for letting the globe to see their simple works of black and white silhouette. 

The Ideal: