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Apple Girl Clothes (Self-Released 2010)

 Meet the aliases product of Folkish-Contemporary led to its traditional virtue roots a new within B’eirth compassion for Birch Book. 
The great slow softer musical sounding deeper within the basic vocals, tales of the folklore, history to tell and lyrics messages and spells to share. For thus acoustics and different types of traditional background atmosphere or the music instruments performance comes the latest recording from the project entitled – Tomorrow’s Sun Will Rise The Same; as it is sounded very much wiser and alive to be respected and honoring before you gladly, had a chance of nick on timing for the Neo-Folk and some classic slow rock tunes available in the formatting songs written by several great song-writers like Gordon Gano (Good Feeling), Gene Clark (Day For Night), The Stag by Angelo Branduardi to Ballad of Easy Rider from Roger McGuinn and Corners of My Life featuring the backing vocals by Gillian Hall or Sofie Kline for Houses. 
In fact that this recording is an actual back to the roots things for the tributes on prolong time influences by those greater names won’t be ruin the arranges and the liner notes that exists there with peace nurturing.

Tomorrow's The Sun Will Rise The Same: