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Anywhere Saloon (Spyglass Entertainment Group 2000)

   Where martial arts of Kung-Fu meets the wild western cowboy’s style – there;s a slight chance that you might loving to see it through the history book learning as well but alternatively, the Chinese imperial guard of the forbidden city Chong Wang must taken an ashamed journey to the west for paying his terrible mistakes in the mission to find and save Princess Pei-Pei whom being kidnapped to united states as then arriving in Nevada; the train that brought them got hijacked by Roy O’Bannon and his gang and Wang’s uncle died on the incident making process for Wang and Roy relates soon as outlaws being chased even when he need to save O’Bannon being buried under the sand by his traitor friends while Princess Pei-Pei being held up by Lo Fang agents the traitor of Chinese.
   Carson city then identified Wang as John Wayne after the bar brawler fights as Kung-Fu ruling the bunch of bastard drunks and soon both Roy and Wang taken hideout and refuges from the  Marshal Nathan Van Cleef for their brave acts. 
   This comedy action western movie really excites the audience whom liking the horse ride, the Native-American panorama, the beautiful brothel-girls doing pillow fights, funny accents and more hilarious culture clash between Roy and Wang as they’re found out about the train rails plan and the sinister minds of Fong as the arrival of team from the imperial guards of china makes things more interesting to watch. Shanghai Noon is the great movie where it’s not just the shoot-out and the kicking style shown but also friendships, warmth relations, Jackie Chan and Lucy Liu and Owen Wilson and the tribal marriage to a beautiful chief’s daughter as well as the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Randy Edelman brings Mountains and Streams, From East to West, A new and Grand Country, Getting Extremely Personal and Bonding in Jail accompanying the missions of two new friends with different backgrounds to fight the injustice and saving the princess !