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Airsick Nerve (Hyperdub 2012)

   Debut album Quarantine becomes the critical acclaim receiving much accolades as the Washington Post best album or album of the year from The Wire Magazine clear lineage off thus combination between machine pulse hardware and instruments on softwareliminality physical processing and virtual violence through the synthesizers, samplers, drum machines and rhythm-focused own voice performs by Laurel Anne Chartow alias Laurel Halo as a recording artists from Ann Arbor, Michigan with the thicker influences on Techno and Midwest roots music sounds writing these abstract experimental full-length Synth-Pop releasing and singing thus strange melodic music in float-tuning down beats and slower expressive artworks touch within Years, Thaw, MK Ultra, Wow, Carcass, Tumor and Morcom. Tired of the ordinary Electro-Pop and regular lame habits on Electro-tech-harmony just go to let this sounds of music embraces your presence.