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Adhan Smoking Bed (Paramount Pictures 2016)

   Good show business is nothing without better news flash and hot reports straight from the source and conflict of interests as the New York senior television journalist Kim Baker agrees to get herself leave all the comforts back home to the assignment duty on war correspondent in Afghanistan – meeting new people some are actually, good friends and nice to the everyday lurking danger around her presence as one of the westerner journalists on the chaotic battle conflict as Taliban strikes hard while the peace agreement and safety might topping the highest priority but freaking expensive to earn. Friends like Tanya Vanderpoel, Scottish Ian MacKelpie; local fixer/escort Fahim Ahmadzai and american general Hollanek at first getting the nuisance of Ms.Baker incompetence on afghan work-fields and cultural clashes.
Sooner or later Kim needs to changed and adapts with her interpretations for Afghan culture and language and local important informants like attorney general Ali Sadiq to the ex-warlord hero or the interesting surroundings for her to living with such as poverty, repressions upon women’s rights, homeless people, middle-eastern atmosphere as well new relationships or the opium trading story might be some freelance timing for her outside the humvee patrolling parade getting ambushed or the fear for any explosive traps along the road with mariners/soldiers. 
   The competition to the repetitions to the boring attacks to the long flights and long distance relationship might all describes within the soundtrack recording for Whiskey Tango Foxtrot motion picture songs like DJ Rupture’s Afghanistan, The Pharcyde’s Oh Shit, Ten Speed going on Fly Til We Die; Sunset Soon Forgotten by Iron and Wine; Hal Ketchum’s Hearts are Gonna Roll signing the homesick feelings as well as Brooks and Dunn on My Maria or Tribe Called Quest’s anthem over Scenario would lead the fresh reality on what’s going on over there far away from the US soil and elsewhere of the western world where semi-automatic weapons are the holy quran and taliban’s sharia laws like the words of god rooting as obedience among men mostly making the women stressed-out to use the old land-mines so that they can gathering near the river again is quite questionable at first but explained later just like Kim’s feeling to choose whether she’ll coming back to NY, going for fresh sourcible news on Badakhshan; continuing her life with new boyfriend and party on the weekend at the bunker or the story must ended before Kim Baker got promoted as an anchor woman. 

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