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Suite Roller End (Dragon’s Domain 2015)

   In total duration of sixty-two minutes and thirty-seven of its limited edition soundtrack album based in the same sci-fi thriller movie story about the 2055’s Chicago-based and labs of time traveling safari company through the extensive commercial for the breaking-through technology invention to creating time machine starring Edward Burns, Catherine McCormack and Ben Kingsley with the project of this advance technology went wrong after some tourists/visitors and commercial travelers doing something forbidden by the crew and staffs under the regulation laws before entering the time gate and moving to another dimension affecting the past, the present and the future world conditions as well. Global disaster strikes as the CEO Charles Hatton observing and tried to fixed the mistakes from the previous recorded expeditions before the affecting alterations of the entire planet turning back to the prehistoric era with massive giant plants and trees growing places and destroying buildings while the next phases of the time lapse exchanging spawn the terrible looking catfish-humanoid creatures to the ferocious Baboon-Lizard creatures invading the last humanity to the edge of real extinction. 
   Finding the cause when someone stepping on a giant butterfly from the past prehistoric time-travels and taken home with them fusing this catastrophic events after struggling to repairing the sunken time-machine. Another tour for time traveling been held only to stop someone doing the same mistake over the past ended the malfunctioned story taken from Ray Bradbury’s short writing. Nick Glennie-Smith gets the (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) for A Sound Of Thunder film a classical to screen & stage scoring of instrumental music orchestra in its contemporary, intriguing, thrilling and fascinating to almost impossible aspects onto Ancestor, Security, Major Problems, Lights Out, Time Wave, Cab Ride, Seeking Eckels and Tami’s Hard Drive might successfully accompanied your touring through the ancient volcano and fierce dinosaurs encounters via the storyboard.