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A Loving Hand (Overture Films 2010)

   Starring Timothy Olyphant and Radha Mitchell as local sheriff David Dutten and his wife Judy witnessing the Ogden Marsh – Iowa’s weirdest accident as a shotgun man enters the local baseball league game thtreatening the spectators before being shot persuading the entire strange behavior of the people lately, as the community family doctor exhibiting most of the creepy habits like repetitive speech, mows to the lawnmower machine or locked family burnt inside their house for an American horror movie directed by Breck Eisner off this George A. Romero’s classic works The Crazies.
The contaminated water resources and the government’s biohazard chemical experiment tanks stuck in the middle of the fallen trees of the river bank soon can be related to the urges of quarantine residents on a high school hall but as the symptoms of an infection emerges around the patients; the examinations from a military unit settles their perimeter didn’t exactly, solving problems as more infected personnel and towners raiding the facility and within the brutality killing instinct – slaying all living humans they met on sight forcing thus survivors to flee to the deeper part of the country-side but the military adding orders to shoot every single people they found as unlucky ones like Becca the hospital assistant or the threatened deputy Russell as well as Scotty and her mother; the attacking helicopter and fixed car garage scenery as the infected being shoot several times (not in the head) still coming back ferociously, to hurting more living people and the revealed cargo carried by the employees, driver and spotted black SUV as soldiers and the military failed to containing the accident of Trixie prototype of a rhabdoviridae biological weapon route to Texas on their plane – crashed to the riverside. 
   As the roadblocks did slowing Judy and David down but after killing some infected people the couple went to Cedar Rapids just before the initiate containment protocol with massive explosion destroying Ogden Marsh and the fake news camera showing the revealing truth as the musical scares of instrumentals orchestration composing by Mark Isham on The Crazies (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) did selecting tracks that tells the audience the whole story via Mad House, Bone Saw, There’s Somebody Out There, Had To Be Sure, Principal to Oil Pen – cannot hide what’s really happening on that small town lately …