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7:24 3:36 (Not On Label 2014)

   Lesser-known producer duet of Dub and Techno consisting for Quasar and Sandro Smarcan from Ljubljana, Slovenia’s corroding sounds of the outer space and farther limit of the excessive universe beyond the gigantic planets in our solar system; as their eight exploration proving the journey which capturing and sending everything else possible and million light of years receiving signals from the several objects may contains the answers about the silly question on how our existence becoming burden to ourselves to develops or the picture printed after the magnificent shot from the super-builder and high technology camera of Organon project really capturing Objects In Space like this recording did the spreading tunes of musical. For example - Blue planet surrounded by the magnetic field of little asteroid belt thinner but powerful having its own orbit different from the rest of thus space rocks that did the same thing rotations to the core star – sent the variety durations of songs like Object V, Object VII or the beginners Object I.
Too much animosity and anonymous things unexplained really fits to the reality to be called closing cases – makes the journey seems to be timeless and endless to finish over Dub-Techno, Ambient, Down-Tempo or Electronic…

Objects In Space: