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72 Hours Remain (Independent 2015)

   Rocking softer than becoming ruder – is the way of how the epic Progressive and Wall of Sounds Ambient within the metallic Rock in the making of insanity type of instrumental tracks containing only one solo project under the meditated talents and fueled fusion of many things to listen as Pillars in The Sky by Christopher Bowe.

When you liking the way on how Misery Signals, Cloudkicker and Between The Buried and Me acting towards their musical to expand as this music written here currently located in Crewe – UK; the pianist and mostly, multi-instrumentalists person he’s becoming today really representing more of the greater than just ten songs but further more adventure among the riff-age and the drumming and the choruses to the smallest rhyming via I’ll Come Back To You I Promise!, Welcome Oblivion, I Always Thought They Were Lighthouses right through Beat The Devil Out of it and Short Steps Deep Breath makes us jumping like a maniac as we listening to What Became of The Kingdom album. 

   Being released through some times or spacing universe; showing you the floating lost Excalibur-like sword on the rock reminds you about kinds of final fantasy stuff closer like it.     

What Became Of The Kingdom: