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3:13 (Jansen Plateproduksjon 2013)

   Meet Even Rolland Pettersen, Ole Steinar Nesset, Preben Saelid Andersen, Sebastian Ulstad Olsen and Stian Gulbrandsen for the Garage Rock Pop-tuning Jangle-Rock unit of Death By Unga Bunga releasing their good not too popular album of the week on the good or the bad times listening hour for You’re An Animal characteristically, sounding too Power-Pop with the excellent vocalizations like Matthew Sweet did once on his ninety-era musical career or the favorable tempos and tuning reminder of The Monkees project for the new millennium via these guy rocking the pop tops up and making the girls singing, screaming and dancing like dizzy crazy frenzy within the music provider. Many songs like Lesson Learned The Hard Way, Nothing To Lose, How Far Can I Go, Tambourine, Suspicion, Abba onto Stare at The Sun, Getaway or Open Your Eyes forcing the unsmiling cat abstract artwork from these Oslo-Norway group to beloved by many then …

You're An Animal: