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3:07 (RCR Media Group/Vertigo 2011)

   Directly, on the flight from Los Angeles to Nashville – a passenger gets violent after being bitten by a pet lab hamster as his demanding to enter the cockpit, let off plane and the biting face of the flight attendants by Ralph Bundt as the rabid-like rabies terror infections starts on the landed closing hangar not that safer while one by one re-animated bitten people turning back to ferociously, attacking healthy others and infects them with the fresh bites and chunk-wounds as Jenny (the airflight attendant), Shilah Washington (military medic), Henry, Ed, Niall and Preston but the worst isn’t stopping there for them and the rest of the left behind crew and passengers as armed soldiers appears and CDC scientists surrounded the sealing terminal soon after for no good explainable reasons. Quarantine 2: Terminal is your chosen one zombie-flick and rabid killer infection virus of the apocalypse momento of American Horror that suits the scare-times and eerie hour sufficient and prolong. Directed by John Pogue and produced by Marc Brienstock revolves the mutating rabies infection outbreak almost as the same time as the previous movie event and if it’s not because of thus instrumental sound effects for the backgrounds; the only listed song on the soundtrack list: Last Trip sang by Julie Gribble/David Blair written and performance courtesy of Reunion Detour Records might not helping one from being stranded, chasing by those zombie-like creatures as the movie always showing dark-screen atmosphere with the last survivors jenny and Shiloh separated as the encountering of infected Preston from the dark soon after things getting messy for the rest of the survivors story-telling; the armed group officers administer gave them the drug to preventing the infection went a failure as a elder infected woman bitten by her cat attacking the officers; shot to death but spreading the horror more lethal to others as someone starting to bite someone else closer,and a terrorism anti-biological division security (C.B.D.T) informing them about a quarantine building in los Angeles housing a bio-terrorist extremists believes that human population needs to be culled by a plague to be cleansed as strong suspected Henry is actually one of them. Escaping through the drainage tunnel – Jenny encounters the rat-like humanoid Henry transformed as she kills him with a steel pipe and with George finally, get out the way leaving infected Jenny as she turns to rabid creature but the conclusion might be far behind from finish after that …