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21 Flights Mowgli’s (RM2 2014)

   Found footage-typed film of teenage kids Sci-Fi adventure tells us about the loyal relationship and the problems for growing up in a small dull town of Mulberry Woods, Nevada as many perspective as this heart-warming family movie might gets you liking them instantly – started with the new highway construction project that upset the childhood friends: Alex, Tuck and Munch as they’ve soon to leave away having their teen-anxiety as the glitch phone displays of random graphical patternleads to the map spot some miles far on the desert area as the three went out biking and experienced the last best weird night together. Finding the dusty object telekinetically can repairing itself or answering a yes/no questions shaped like a tiny metallic owl coming from outer space and crash-landed. Making friends with the thing they called “Echo” that leads the group to another student girl from Mulberry Woods High School’s house named Emma and soon figuring out together that they must find an object as key to a hidden spaceship for echo as the bar meeting decide them to visiting the arcade where the security caught Alex but helped by Emma.
   The fake security workers then captured Munch and Echo to be interrogated and experimented but with the help from Tuck, Alex and Emma discover that the construction workers are actually government agents and the false construction project is about finding the debris of echo’s spaceship on that area. Joseph Trapanese and many various artists manage to keep the soundtrack for Earth To Echo interesting for the listeners as well with the likes for Big Data, Heavy English, Gospel Claws or several new names with the groups performing the tracks of modern sounds alternative music choices moderately like Live Like We’ll never Die (by Chiddy Bang feat. Youngblood), Manchester Orchestra on Opposite Sides, Holychild in Best Friends and Higher Road from John Ralston for finishing the mission on saving Echo to re-starting its craft back as it re-assembled from the underground into giant one while the kids saying goodbye for the last time before flies away. As the childhood friends finding themselves moved away anyway after that miraculous amazing event leaving only Tuck whom stays. 

The glitches phone starts as a sign of the returning of echo on the latter days.

Earth To Echo Soundtrack: