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2 Throwaway (Rigoli 2011)

   Belgian clever producers in the making of their studio-project under various names for different beats and names but one that only recent people would always remember should be Milk Inc. stylized just like it since then their fame changes as we now meet them in the flesh still doing what they’re loving to do seductively - best …
Making thus Euro-Pop Dance beats possible to attracting people to moving the shaken body parts as the night getting too young and the drinks make your boring moments; surely – imitating to a brand new fresh with new people came in to interacts. 
The Euro-House Electronic newer records available with Nomansland recording filled with nothing but popular anthems to firing-up the club and the boys and the girls to getting seductive and lose control for once and for all under the spells of the trio force of natural programming, produced and arranging mixtures for the track-lists from Filip Vandueren, Linda Mertens and Regi Penxten not being Milk Incorporated anymore since the stepping dance turmoil on Can’t A Girl Have Fun; Fire (Album Version), War onto Everything as well as Storm or New beginning (In Your Arms) – just mentioning the first tracks to intercepts your extra dip and loving pleasure for liking them as your favorite is the key of success on maintaining their presence as rare season gifts blossoming Pop to the highness of Dance-Music continent continues …